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For How to Declutter Your Home and Your Life in Simple Easy Steps 

If you want to get your house straight, it’s gonna take some effort. Most of us have our houses packed with things.

I don’t know what it is about stuff, but man, it collects fast! I feel like if I blink, I have a mountain of things that pile up and before I know it, I have more things than I know what to do with.

I’m not even a compulsive shopper! But I do have seven kiddos, and they seem to accumulate things!

Do you feel it? The feeling that your stuff is managing you, rather than you managing it?

Do you have stuffitis??  (It’s a real thing!!! I promise!)

I didn’t think I did, until my husband and I brought 20 + contractor bags to Goodwill out of our basement! JUST our basement! We have a three story house and I’m just getting started!

Here’s a Funny Decluttering Story…

We loaded up our van (and I do mean loaded it) and got to the Goodwill drop off site minutes before they were closing. Phfeew!! We chatted with the attendant about decluttering (mostly to distract him from realizing how much stuff we were dropping off!)

He told us all about how busy they have been receiving peoples’ donations. I couldn’t believe what he told us next…he said that on this particular day of the week, it was common for them to receive donations from around 50 people.

Would you believe that we were drop off #199????

Learn how to get organized in one day.

I was shocked!! Apparently we weren’t the only ones in the decluttering mood! Maybe it was the time of year, or all the decluttering hype going on at the time, or just the fact that people are tired of being run by their stuff! I know I am!

It seems like it takes forever to clean up the house when we have too many things. I feel like my time could be much better spent doing something other than managing mine and my family’s personal belongings, and I feel like in general, we have just become a culture with too. much. stuff. Evidenced by the fact that Goodwill was overwhelmed with peoples’ donations (in a good way.)

If You Really Want to Know How to Clean and Organize Your Home, A Decluttering Plan is the Key

I knew our family needed a plan. We’ve collected too much for far too long. So I decided to take action! I’ve been working through each room and really, truly, contemplating whether I really need to hang on to the things I have or not. Mostly not! LOL

I have to say that decluttering feels really good! I’m not exactly sure I can pinpoint the exact reason why, or maybe it’s a combination of reasons. Whatever the case, having my home decluttered has been amazing.

I can actually find things when I need them. People have stopped asking me where everything is! We’ve actually been able to enjoy more family time and less time spent on trying to keep our things under control.

I’m not finished with decluttering yet, but when I’m done, I know our home will be a happier (and waaaaaay less cluttered place) to be in. I want my home to be restful and peaceful and not so full of stuff, that we can’t enjoy it.

Decluttering Isn’t Easy But These Clutter Buster Tips Will Help You Get Your House Straight

I know that it’s not an easy thing to get rid of your stuff. After all, you have it for a reason. Sentimental, useful, maybe you intend to wear it again someday, or you might just not know how to declutter your things. I totally understand.

If you feel like you have no idea where to start, you’re not alone. In fact, a quick Google search indicates that people are so overwhelmed with things they can’t even function.

If you’re struggling with where to start and how to continue to declutter, I’ve made a Decluttering Binder that is sure to help you. (You’ll definitely want to click that link!)

Here's how to get motivated to clean when you're overwhelmed by the mess.

I totally get it! It is hard!

I’m sentimental and I’ve found that I can attach a feeling or a memory to just about anything. But I’ve also realized that I’d rather enjoy the life I have rather than be managed by all of my things.

How to Decide What is Clutter

If you want to get your house straight, you’ll have some decisions to make. I know that can be difficult, so that’s why I made this checklist for you.

Just work through the questions one at a a time and you’ll get your house decluttered in no time flat.

1. What do You Want to Take With You Into the Future?

It’s funny that I remember in the early days of my marriage, I would save things, thinking that I would want them someday. Now that someday has arrived, I’ve realized that I actually don’t use the things I thought I couldn’t be without. Funny, isn’t it??

How about you? Do you have things you’re hanging on to because you think you won’t want to be without them sometime in the future? You maybe finding that you aren’t actually using the things you thought you couldn’t be without. It’s time to declutter.

I know! I don’t want to be the bad guy, but if I can help you feel like you aren’t managed by your things, I’m willing to risk it!

2. Can You Take a Picture to Hold on to the Memories?

I realized that there are things I don’t want to forget about because they hold precious memories, but I also can honestly say that I won’t ever use those things again.

A while back, I discovered a trick for preserving those memories and still be able to get rid of the item.

Take a picture!

That way you’ll preserve the memory, you’ll always have it to come back to, and…you won’t be overrun with clutter. It’s a win-win!

3. Have You Used The Item in Question Lately?

Really, it’s not hard to answer this question, but honestly, I find myself justifying it a lot! I know I haven’t used something, but sometimes I just have a really hard time letting go.

How long does it take to declutter a house? With these tips, you'll have your house minimized in no time, flat.

But if I haven’ used it in a looooong time, I’m probably never going to. So definitely evaluate and choose for yourself the length of acceptable time. What’s good for me, might not be what’s best for you!

But make sure you answer that question! It’s super easy to let things sit in the same place for years without ever touching it.

4. Can you Live Without It?

Tough question, I know. Can you live without it? I mean, most of what we have isn’t really necessary to survive, right?! But there really are things that would make life a little more difficult and a lot less pleasant if we didn’t have them.

So truly evaluate this question. Think about what would happen if you decided to get rid of it and how difficult your life would be.

Then decide accordingly.

5. Is the Item Replaceable?

For some people, it’s not easy to just go out and buy another ____________(fill in the blank). Some of my favorite kitchen gadgets, like this one, came at a sacrifice. We either saved up for it, or used or tax return, or it was a gift.

Those things aren’t necessarily easy to go out and purchase again if getting rid of them wasn’t necessarily the right choice.

But there are plenty of other things that are a dime-a-dozen, if you will and if I decided to get rid of them today, I could replace them tomorrow, if I goofed and got rid of it, realizing I really did need it.

So ask yourself this question and think hard about the answer.

6. Would You Buy it Today?

There are a lot of things I have in my house that if given the chance, I would never buy again. Isn’t that funny, though? Cuz, why did I buy it in the first place?? But for some reason, those things still end up decluttering the house.

So in order to help keep the clutter under control, I’ve tried to start asking myself this question when I’m working on decluttering stuff. If I wouldn’t buy it again today, then it’s out the door! No questions asked!

These decluttering tips for hoarders are sure to help you minimize your house quickly and easily.

Try it! You’ll be amazed at how much you can declutter, just be asking this one simple question! Oh and by the way, you can also apply this question to something someone wants to give you. If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t take it, because then you’ll just have to declutter it later!

7. Imagine How You’ll Feel Without It

Stop for a minute and really think about what it will make you feel like to get rid of the item. Will you feel a loss or relief? There’s no right or wrong answer. Just think for a second about your feelings.

How Will You Handle It If You Have Too Much Clutter?

Do you have a plan for getting rid of stuff? Because I highly recommend one! I don’t want you to be like me and have to take 20 huge bags to the thrift store! A plan will help you get your things under control once-and-for-all. Then you’ll be able to keep on top of the clutter and not let it happen again!

Make sure you click on this link to download your copy of the Decluttering Binder!

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Are you overrun with clutter? I’d love to hear your best tips for getting rid of clutter and keeping it gone! Comment below and let me know what you do! I may just feature you in a future blog post! 🙂 


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