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Wondering why decluttering is important? Here are 13 Reasons Why You Need to Declutter

Why is decluttering important, anyway? Is it really that big of a deal?

Well, do you often feel overwhelmed by your stuff? Like it’s managing you, instead of you managing it? Let’s face it. We all have somethings we could minimize and get rid of, but if your home is characterized by chaos and mess, then you may have a clutter problem.

Did you know that your clutter could actually be affecting your life? And not for the better. Too much clutter can make you feel miserable in general. Clutter takes up your time, can cost you money, can be hazardous to your health, and son on.

In fact…

A Cluttered Life is Stressful

Yes it is! Living in a home where stuff is coming out of the woodwork is not only overwhelming, but it’s also very stressful. When things are cluttered it makes it difficult to clean, to find things you need, and really to relax.

If your house is cluttered, it may be causing you much undue stress.

Living in a Cluttered Environment is Unproductive

When the room around you is cluttered, it’s very difficult to focus. Your eyes and your mind can’t relax because everything is out of order.

How easy is it to prepare dinner with a kitchen counter full of dishes and clutter? If your laundry is overflowing, cluttering up your house, it’s very difficult to get dressed!

If you have to walk through a path to get to your bed at night, then you probably won’t be very productive amidst all the clutter.

It’s difficult to accomplish anything when your house is overrun by stuff!

Clutter Can Hold Your Potential Back

Having said that, you may not be living up to your full potential if your house is I’m a mess. Because of the reasons listed above, you may be having trouble focusing or getting much of anything done, really.

Imagine the possibilities if you were to clean out all the clutter*** and have an organized environment to live in.

You may find you become much more productive and creative once the clutter is gone! This is why decluttering is important!

Clutter May Be Causing You to Waste Time

Let’s just use the example of laundry once again. If you have laundry everywhere and your clothes are thrown throughout your house, then how long will it take you to find an outfit for your dinner meeting?

See, it’s a waste of time!

What about your garage? If it’s full of clutter and you need to vacuum out your car, it could take you hours just to find the vacuum!

When you declutter your home*** you’ll actually stop wasting time and start gaining it!

Here's how to get motivated to clean when you're overwhelmed by the mess.

Decluttering Can Free You Up

I can’t count how many times my husband and I cleaned up our basement before I finally decided to declutter our home!

That was precious time spent unwisely. I’m not talking about an hour or two, I’m talking about years of trying to navigate the clutter.

When we finally decided to pitch the clutter once and for all, I was amazed at how much time we regained. And I also wondered why I waited so long to take care of it!

The time spent cleaning a cluttered basement over and over again can now be used to spend time with our family or to accomplish a project that actually matters!

Clutter has a Negative Impact on Your Life

There aren’t too many people who are happy living in the middle of their clutter! In fact, watching the show Hoarders, tells otherwise.

Most people who are overrun by their things do not really feel a true sense of security. Instead, they’re typically sad and depressed, feeling hopeless, like there’s no way out.

Once you decide to declutter your home, you’ll be amazed at how the environment changes from negative to positive. I’m sure that will have an impact on the way that you’re feeling as well!

You may even find that decluttering your home makes you feel much more productive. It’s easier to accomplish things when your home is in order. The converse is true, as well. Having a home full of clutter could be robbing you of joy. And to think, the main reason you hold onto your things is because of the perceived happiness those things bring.

Am I right?

On the Other Hand, Decluttering Can Be Very Beneficial

The flip side of keeping too much clutter is decluttering. There are so many benefits to decluttering. Below I’ve listed just a few examples of the impact decluttering your house can have.

You might not realize it, but decluttering is very important! Some of the reasons may surprise you!

You’ll Gain Many Things:

1. More Space 

Think of how much space is being taken up by extra things. If you have a lot of clutter, then you likely have things that are broken, things that are outdated, and things that are duplicates. Getting rid of just a few of those things will regain tons of space for you.

2. More Time 

As I mentioned above, constantly dealing with clutter takes a lot of time. Therefore, once you declutter you’ll regain so much time. You’ll be freed up to do whatever you want to do instead of constantly tending to your clutter.

3. Order 

This is my absolute favorite! A home in order is so peaceful. The order that will come to your house as a result of decluttering is phenomenal.

4. Control 

Instead of letting your things control you, you will be controlling them. That’s a really good feeling! Actually being able to shut your closet door gives you the control instead of your stuff spilling out at your feet and you feeling overwhelmed.

5. Money

De-cluttering can actually earn you money if you put a little effort into it.****  Consider selling your stuff on eBay to earn a little extra money.

6. More Energy

It stands to reason that if you’re not constantly cleaning your basement, you will have more energy! If the kitchen is decluttered and in order you’ll feel so much more enthusiastic and energetic! Imagine how you’ll feel once you finish the whole house!

7. More Enjoyment of Your Home

No matter what the size or shape of your home, it’s meant to be enjoyed. Your home should be a haven of rest and not a garbage dump. Once you declutter your house, you’ll be able to enjoy simple things like sitting at your table and playing a board game, or pouring yourself a cup of tea and actually savoring it while you rock in your chair. Ahhhh…can you feel it??!!

8. More Focus

The focus you will gain by having a decluttered home is so amazing! As I mentioned earlier, too much clutter makes it hard to concentrate.

9. A Peaceful Environment

There’s just something about a home that’s in order that brings peace. Once you declutter you’ll realize how important it is to have a clutter free house. The peace you’ll experience is amazing! In fact, I bet you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

A Cluttered House is Hard to Keep Up On

Another reason why decluttering is important is because it’s so hard to keep a cluttered house clean. You really feel like you’re fighting a losing battle, and in a sense you are!

No one feels like washing dishes when they can’t even find the sink. Why make your bed if your bedroom is so full of things you can’t even locate the bed?

Cleaning your house is last on the list when you can’t really see the floors.

On the other hand, once you declutter your home you’ll be able to develop a regular cleaning schedule and it will be so much easier to keep up on it.

Your Well-Being is at Stake

Did you know that living in a cluttered house could actually be dangerous? Depending on the level of clutter, that is.

You could trip and fall on something that is taking up precious floor space. Or consider this: If you ever have an emergency it could be difficult for emergency personnel to enter your home.

What about the little things like a cut or scrape? If your home is full of clutter, it’ll be pretty difficult to find a bandage! Have I convinced you yet? 🙂 

So Does That Mean That Clutter is Bad for Your Health?

It could be! Especially if you have conditions like asthma or allergies. It’s pretty hard to clean a cluttered house and dust could easily settle on all of the things occupying your space.

And as I said earlier it’s difficult to clean a cluttered house, which could invite pathogens into your home, making it difficult to get rid of them.

What are the Rewards of Decluttering?

The rewards of decluttering are great! Most of them are from an emotional standpoint. For example, once you declutter your home, you’ll feel some amazing things.

You’ll be at peace, much more content, and I would even dare to say happier! Those are some pretty amazing rewards!

Additionally, you could even receive money for your clutter, so there’s another great reward!

What are the Psychological Benefits of Decluttering?

Living in a clutter-free home will bring focus, clarity, peace, happiness, and the like. Now, don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying it will solve all of your problems!

But when you are more at peace, other issues are a lot easier to handle.

Decluttering Forces You to Make Hard Decisions

No one really likes to choose between two things, but when you decide to declutter your home, you’ll be exercising the art of decision-making.

As a result, you’ll need to prepare emotionally before decluttering your home. Searching through so many items and recalling the memories that go along with them can be very taxing emotionally so give yourself the time to take a break if you need to.

Decluttering Could Actually Save You Money

I can’t count how many times I purchased two or more of the same item because I didn’t know I had it. Once I learned how to declutter, that was the end of that! 

Now that our home is clutter-free, I know exactly what I have, which means I also know exactly what I need. And then I only buy what’s necessary, saving our family money. Funny how that works, hey?! 

Once you declutter your home, you won’t purchase duplicate things or at least not nearly as often!

Also, if you have an extreme amount of clutter, you may be paying to rent a storage unit to store all of your things. Think about how much money you could recover by decluttering and letting go of that contract!

Can Decluttering Change Your Life?

I would suggest that it can! Think about it…if you’re constantly overrun with stuff, how hard is it to have company over? Can you relax in your own home? Do you feel stressed about the condition of your house.

Now think about how different your life will be once you make the decision and do the hard work. Decluttering can absolutely change your life.

Would You Like to Live a Decluttered Life?

So are you convinced yet why decluttering is important? There’s so many reasons why you should take action today!

When you make the decision to get rid of the clutter you’ll find a certain freedom you didn’t know existed. I highly recommend you jump in feet first and start decluttering! You can do it!

The Decluttering Binder

If you’re not sure where to start, let me recommend The Decluttering Binder. I’ve put together everything you need to start decluttering your home right away!

The people who have used it said they’ve seen immediate results and that de-cluttering actually became fun! I was amazed at that one! 

Make sure to check it out right away by clicking this link!

What Are You Waiting For? Start Decluttering Now!

De-cluttering may be hard but you can do it! Check out these articles to learn how to get started!

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After reading this, do you see the importance of decluttering? Have you thought about how your life could be different if you let go of some things? Comment below and let me know why you think decluttering is so important!

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Just a little bit of decluttering at a time will help you get your house under control like you’ve never managed it before. Dare I say, it will change your life??

Here's how to get motivated to clean when you're overwhelmed by the mess.

You might not realize it, but decluttering is very important! Some of the reasons may surprise you!

You might not realize it, but decluttering is very important. Find out why inside!


{13 Reasons} Why Decluttering is So Important

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