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How Does Clutter Affect Your Life? What Can You Do About It?

Clutter affects your life. You may not realize it, but the clutter you’re holding on to because you think it makes you happy, may very well be the exact thing that is causing you to feel frustrated and stressed out.

Clutter Makes You Stressed Out

The impact that living in a cluttered home has on your emotional health is overwhelming. When there is clutter everywhere you look, your mind can’t rest. It’s difficult to relax in a cluttered environment.

Additionally, when you can’t find what you need because it’s buried under a pile or stashed in a corner with a bunch of clutter, it’s maddening.

Think about trying to find a bill you know you “filed” in your paper cluttered. It’s due tomorrow and you’ve searched everywhere, but…nada! That’s a lot of stress right there!

When your home is a mess, you and everyone else living in it are gonna feel the effects. Unfortunately, stress is the first negative emotion you can expect.

Clutter Can be Bad for Your Health. How’s that For a Way Clutter Affects Your Life? 

Scary, isn’t it?? Don’t believe me? Keep reading!

Dust collects in clutter. Clutter makes it difficult to clean your home. Pesky living organisms may take up residence in your home if you’re not careful. Once your home is overtaken by clutter, there can be some real and not so appealing health risks.

Consider this as well: What if you need medical attention but your home is so cluttered, the medical care professionals can’t get to you. I know this sounds extreme, but it’s a reality!

These are the physical effects for how clutter affects your life. Above, we talked about the emotional side of clutter: stress. Everyone knows that stress is bad for your health.

When you finally decide to clear the clutter out of your home and your life, you’ll be amazed at how much healthier you’ll be!

You may not realize it, but your clutter could be really affecting your life and NOT for the better. Find out how clutter affects your life.

Clutter Affects Your Life by Overloading Your Senses

The sights, smells and ugliness of clutter make it difficult for your senses to settle down. Therefore, when your home is cluttered, you’ll have a hard time letting your eyes rest on one thing. Your nose might detect unpleasant smells.

Or your allergies may act up due to all the dust bunnies. Clutter isn’t pretty to look at. Your eyes and nose will thank you once everything is decluttered!

Clutter is Unsafe

We’ve already talked about the medical aspect of clutter, but consider this: if you can’t walk through your living room without tripping on something,  (I’m not talking an average messy home that can quickly be straightened. I’m talking about deer trails through the living room cuz there’s so much stuff) then the clutter could be making your home unsafe.

Another aspect of clutter you may not have thought of is the fact that in your clutter, you may be harboring things that could be unsafe for kids to be in contact with. Scissors that aren’t put away, medications that could be harmful if swallowed by a little one, chemicals that are stashed in the wrong places, and so on.

Don’t let your home become unsafe due to unwanted clutter!

A Cluttered House Keeps You from Inviting People into Your Home and Socializing

When your home is cluttered and messy, my guess is that you’re not gonna wanna do much socializing. Amiright??

Cuz nobody wants to invite someone over if they can’t even offer them a place to sit. Not to mention, having a cluttered home can be quite embarrassing.

Have you ever considered the fact that your clutter may be keeping you from having a social life? Sobering, isn’t it? Clutter affects your life. It really does!

Here's how to get motivated to clean when you're overwhelmed by the mess.

Clutter Can Hurt Your Relationships (That’s a Scary Way Clutter Affects Your Life)

Think about it…if you’re having trouble inviting people into your home because the clutter is so bad, then what about the people who live in your home?

Clutter can cause a lot of undue stress on relationships. Typically, in a relationship, one person tends to be the hoarder and the other the one who would let go of anything.

Since the hoarder won’t let anything go, more than likely the home will be overrun with stuff. This can make for a very difficult relationship. It can cause a lot of tension and fighting. Is hanging on to all of your stuff worth it?

Let it go and exchange it for the sweet relationships right before your eyes!

Clutter Affects Your Life by Costing You Money

How many things have you bought over and over again, even though you know you have it somewhere but you just can’t find it buried beneath all your clutter? Well, the problem is, that means your clutter is now costing you money.

I’d be willing to guess that when you declutter your home, you’ll probably find that you have many sets of multiple items floating around your home. Once you clean up and declutter, you may actually be able to make some money from your declutter. How’s that for motivation?!

Additionally, if you’re paying to rent a storage unit to store your clutter you have to act fast! That’s wasted money down the drain! If you declutter your home, not only will you be able to make some extra cash with the things you’ll get rid of, but you may even be able to let go of a monthly storage unit bill.

Having Clutter Causes You to be Unproductive

When your home isn’t decluttered and you have messes everywhere, the chances of you wanting to get much done are slim to none. A cluttered environment is not conducive to helping you accomplish a lot.

The problem is, if your home is a cluttered mess, then you probably don’t even know where to start decluttering. It’s difficult to think about doing anything else until the mess is taken care of.

Clutter Affects Your Life: It Keeps You from Focusing

Likewise, you won’t be able to keep your mind on one thing if all you see around you is a great, big, giant mess. If your home is so cluttered, you can’t focus, you need to take action right away!

Think about all the things you could be missing out on since you’re stuck under all the clutter!

Having Clutter Leads to Procrastination

In the same way that clutter makes you unproductive and keeps you from focusing, clutter also will make you put off everything you can think of until tomorrow. And we all know tomorrow never comes!

Who wants to do anything when they know there’s a mess a mile high waiting for them. I’ve been there! My basement used to be so cluttered I couldn’t even think. I would resolve to take care of the mess. So I’d head down the stairs with the best of intentions, and once I saw the mess, I’d turn right around, promising myself that I’d get to it…soon.

But not anymore!

I couldn’t handle the fact that procrastination was getting the best of me and so I finally decided that I was done procrastinating, once and for all. And you know what? Once I finally decided to tackle the cluttered, my life changed for the better! I am no longer mastered by the mess in the basement!

Having a Cluttered Home Can Actually Make You Eat an Unhealthy Diet

Since we’ve already established that having a cluttered home doesn’t make you feel like doing much of anything, then it stands to reason that your diet is gonna suffer.

If you don’t have a space on your kitchen countertops to prepare a meal, than you’re probably gonna opt for take out or some kind of convenience food from the grocery store. The sheer overwhelm you feel from your home being so cluttered, isn’t gonna make you feel much like cooking, I guarantee it!

Think about how amazing it will be once you decide to declutter your home. Your life will be affected for sure, but this time, it will be for the good!

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Think of the way decluttering will affect your life!

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What about you? How does clutter affect your life? Are you struggling to declutter your house? Comment below and let me know! I’d love to hear!

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Here's how to get motivated to clean when you're overwhelmed by the mess.


You may not realize it, but your clutter could be really affecting your life and NOT for the better. Find out how clutter affects your life.Did you know that clutter may be affecting your life and not for the better? Find out how and why inside.

11 Ways Clutter Affects Your Life {And What to Do About It}

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